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    100% Australian Made.

    For your convenience we have a FREE pick up and
    delivery service and the reassurance of knowing all
    our products are 100% Australian made.

    The latest materials & efficient turn around times.


    A custom made tooth replacement solution to suit any number of missing dentition. We are able to work with any implant system and provide all required hardware.


    Providing a wide range of orthodontic appliances to cater for all requirements. Including, but not limited to; occlusal splints, fixed appliances, retainers, expansion appliances and study models.


    Utilising the most accurate CAD/CAM system available and modern techniques, we specialise in zirconia layered and monolithic zirconia crown and bridgework, offered at the highest quality possible.

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    Located in South-West Sydney we are proud to provide our services to your practice, offering the latest materials and delivering in efficient turn-around times.

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