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Outstanding results every time.

Conveniently located in Gledswood Hills, we’re a state-of-the-art laboratory specialising in all implant restorations. Utilising an array of CAD/CAM solutions means you benefit from access to cutting edge technology and the most efficient process possible. All our products are individually hand crafted at our state-of-the-art Gledswood Hills laboratory and never out-sourced for overseas manufacture. We are proud to be 100% Australian owned and we provide 100% Australian made restorations for outstanding results every time. MV Dental Laboratory’s technicians are fully trained and qualified, with years of experience. We also ensure we keep up to date with the very latest technology and restorative solutions.


100% Australian Made.

For your convenience we have a FREE pick up and
delivery service and the reassurance of knowing all
our products are 100% Australian made.

The latest materials & efficient turn around times.


A custom made tooth replacement solution to suit any number of missing dentition. We are able to work with any implant system and provide all required hardware.


Providing a wide range of orthodontic appliances to cater for all requirements. Including, but not limited to; occlusal splints, fixed appliances, retainers, expansion appliances and study models.


Utilising the most accurate CAD/CAM system available and modern techniques, we specialise in zirconia layered and monolithic zirconia crown and bridgework, offered at the highest quality possible.

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Located in South-West Sydney we are proud to provide our services to your practice, offering the latest materials and delivering in efficient turn-around times.

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